The world changes and so does the way in which languages are learnt. At Home we learn languages living them, feeling them, savouring them. We learn in the classroom, online and through immersion events; in the street, in the pub, in-company, walking around our city, generating knowledge together.

Since 1997 we have taught you the language you need based on your specific needs. As paradigms change, since 2006, we have taught languages and offered language services through a different approach: an intercultural multidisciplinary approach which includes ethnography as one of its key practices (exploration of our own culture in comparison to other cultures) and shares findings with people from other countries through online intercultural exchange. We are members of IALIC, IATEFL, BrazTESOL . Directora: Andrea Assenti del Río (Prof. UNLP, MA TEFL).


At Home we teach courses, workshops and seminars in different languages: English, Spanish for foreigners, Portuguese, French and Italian through agreements with institutions and offer multidisciplinary courses in conjunction with professionals of other disciplines.

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Together we do research and carry our action in the world, by developing language and consultancy services which articulate languages, social (and other sciences) and the arts, through agreements with other institutions both in our country and overseas.


Some of the companies we have worked with are: Bco. de la Pcia. Bs. As., Netverk SA, IRI UNLP, Teatro Argentino, Net-alliance, Petroquimica Cuyo, Radio Universidad UNLP, Nestlé, Federación Patronal, Ucrono Diseño Industrial, La Plata Calling: Tributo a The Clash, Caja Previsión Abogados, VMN Plus, Total Austral, P & G,, Col. Ingenieros de la Pcia. Bs. As.; Federal Mogul, Flux IT Subscribe to our Newsletter.


Face2face courses (see section in Spanish for full details).Online courses:on Skype: with the same structure as face2face courses.; on platform with interactive materials and blended learning: a combination of face2face/ skype/platform. All virtual courses include virtual ethnographies (online explorations of local/ world cultures).

Spanish for foreigners

We offer short and longer modules for people visiting our city and wanting to learn our language in intercultural perspective. Courses range from 3 to 20 hours a week and may include special outings/ tango lessons/ city explorations. We also offer virtual courses (on Skype/ platform) for people wanting to learn Spanish with us from their own country.

Consultancy services

Our consultancy services are aimed at companies/institutions, educational institutions and NGOs, and they focus on intercultural/ linguistic mediation and learning through multidisciplinary courses, online assistance services, materials design and opportunities for joint learning.


For further information please request an interview at +542214833575, whatsapp 542215548876 or Skype:Home.intercultural.learning or email at